Game Powered

A Metaverse powered by interactive NFTs

NeroVerse is a Metaverse of connected games, collectibles, and virtual experiences spanning across multiple Blockchains.

Multi-chain Metaverse

From Solana to Kusama, NeroVerse will tap into multiple blockchains to create a cohesive metaverse experience. More blockchains will be connected in the future.

Programmable NFTs

Every NFT within the NeroVerse is a game asset. These assets can serve different purposes depending on the game utilizing them.


Buy, sell and trade your collectibles via multiple crypto currencies and even fiat. Discover the hottest NFT game assets before anyone else!

AAA Quality Games

NeroVerse will launch a fully realized virtual world accessible through PC, Mobile, and VR. NeroVerse will strive to provide a high quality gaming experience for our players.

Play 2 Earn

Get rewarded for doing what you love.. GAMING! Earn collectibles and more as you play within the NeroVerse. The more you play, the more you earn!

Powered by GamePower

GamePower Network is a substrate based blockchain with a focus on providing game specific services to those seeking to develop games and virtual experiences on the blockchain.

Hello World(s)

Introducing NeroVerse, a metaverse of connected games, collectibles, and virtual experiences spanning across multiple Blockchains. NeroVerse aims to remedy the disjointed experiences plaguing metaverses in their current state. By following the Polkadot philosophy of interoperability, NeroVerse will bridge the gap between metaverses and provided a cohesive experience for gamers, developers, artists, and NFT enthusiasts. However, a metaverse is more than its art or experiences. A metaverse at its core is comprised of communities, filled with like-minded individuals. NeroVerse will foster these communities and provide them with the tools necessary to build engaging virtual experiences.



NeroHeroes are fully customizable 3D NFT avatars which can be used across multiple games and 3D experiences. Clothing, hairstyles and cosmetic items can all be obtained as rewards or collectibles found throughout NeroVerse. The NeroHeroes will not be tradable; however, the Heroes' premium clothing and accessories will be fully tradable from player to player. Over time we expect this collection to grow into thousands and thousands of options. Each clothing piece will be customizable with colors that you choose.


As you've likely been able to deduce by now, the clothing NFTs will be equippable to the NeroHeroes and usable in any NeroVerse branded game environment. We anticipate dropping seasonal selections that will only be for sale on the marketplace for a limited period of time. While it is possible for some of these seasonal items to show up again in the future, it is not guaranteed. So, get the items you like for your avatar when you see them available.



NeroPets are fun 3D collectibles that you can breed, raise, battle, and trade with others across the metaverse! Launching first on Solana and shortly after on Kusama / Polkadot.

All NeroPet Dragons will be usable in an upcoming dragon battle arena game still under development. The dragons will also be usable in the flagship NeroVerse RPG game (to be announced). The battle arena will be incorporated into that game as well. We'll provide more details regarding game design and integration at a later date.



We know that many of you are interested in breeding. Well, have no fear because Dragon breeding is here. Wait, what?!? That's right you'll be able to breed your dragons. In the future, there may be other breed-able pets.

We know, you know… heck, we all know that every dragon is not created equal (in the eyes of the beholder). That's why we want you to be able to breed and create more dragons. But be careful, you'll only have 2 shots at breeding. Then your breed-able dragon will become infertile. Infertility will NOT have an effect on the dragon outside of breeding. You will have a chance to get a higher rarity dragon when breeding, however it is not guaranteed. For example, two rare dragons may spawn an epic, rare, uncommon or common. The higher the rarity classification, the higher the chances at getting a spawn other than common or uncommon, but again it's not guaranteed.



In addition to NeroHeroes and NeroPets, NeroVerse will launch with NeroBots. These are companion robots that will follow your Hero around the NeroVerse. They may have advice for you in certain circumstances you face for the first time, or just make absurd comments and laugh at your jokes (maybe). These are floating robots and will have customization options such as skins, mech gear, and more available over time.


Founders' Edition NeroBots are special. These NeroBots will be sold for a limited time during our Marketplace launch event. Buying a Founders' Edition NeroBot will provide the following benefits as long as you hold them in your NeroVerse associated wallet:

1) Access to a Founders only Discord channel
2) Early access to NFT drops through whitelisting chances
3) Occasional discounts for certain NFT drops
4) Early access to game releases.


We are excited to announce the NeroVerse Marketplace. The marketplace will allow for cross-chain NFT buying and selling. NeroVerse Marketplace will be opening for account creation starting September 30th, 2021. The marketplace will launch in several phases.

Phase 1: Will be strictly for account creation and NeroHero customization.

Phase 2: Will be the release of the NeroBots!

Phase 3: Will be the release of the Genesis Dragon NeroPets and will include consumer to consumer NFT transactions directly through the marketplace.


Development Tools

Developers will have the opportunity to tap into the metaverse through NeroVerse. Early next year we will provide an SDK for developers to integrate NeroHeroes, NeroPets, and NeroBots directly into their own 3D experiences.

No matter if you're building with Unreal Engine or Unity Engine. NeroVerse will provide a plug-n-play way for developers to easily contribute to the growth of the Metaverse without the need to worry about various blockchain coding or crypto wallets. GamePower Network along with NeroVerse will handle the heavy lifting.


NeroVerse is powered by GamePower Network. GamePower Network is a substrate based blockchain with a focus on providing game specific services to those seeking to develop games and virtual experiences on the blockchain. GamePower Network will run with speedy block times and micro gas fees allowing for highly interactive applications to be built on top of it.


Meet the team


Discord members will be able to participate in giveaways not announced to the public via other social media outlets. For example, get a high enough level due to activity and you may just qualify for a drawing for early access or special discounts on future products. Join our community of like minded gamers and prepare to live your life in the NeroVerse.

Email: hello@neroverse.com

Twitter (NeroVerse): https://twitter.com/NeroVerse

Twitter (GamePower): https://twitter.com/GamePowerNet

Discord: https://discord.gg/an2tesK5Qj