Game Powered

A Metaverse powered by interactive NFTs

NeroVerse is a Metaverse of connected games, collectibles, and virtual experiences spanning across multiple Blockchains.

Multi-chain Metaverse

From Solana to Kusama, NeroVerse will tap into multiple blockchains to create a cohesive metaverse experience. More blockchains will be connected in the future.

Programmable NFTs

Every NFT within the NeroVerse is a game asset. These assets can serve different purposes depending on the game utilizing them.


Buy, sell and trade your collectibles via multiple crypto currencies and even fiat. Discover the hottest NFT game assets before anyone else!

AAA Quality Games

NeroVerse will launch a fully realized virtual world accessible through PC, Mobile, and VR. NeroVerse will strive to provide a high quality gaming experience for our players.

Play 2 Earn

Get rewarded for doing what you love.. GAMING! Earn collectibles and more as you play within the NeroVerse. The more you play, the more you earn!

Powered by GamePower

GamePower Network is a substrate based blockchain with a focus on providing game specific services to those seeking to develop games and virtual experiences on the blockchain.

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